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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" - John Dewey

Dear Saluki,

You're here! You've made it! Everything in your life has lead you to this moment. The triumph, the struggle, the hard work -- they have all culminated in the beginning of a new journey. Welcome!

Here at SIU we're family; we look forward to "doing life" with you. And life as a Saluki is good! Famed educational philosopher John Dewey makes a bold statement. He says "education is life itself." Most of us have been conditioned to see education as nothing more than a never-ending collection of worksheets or uninspiring lectures. At SIU nothing could be further from the truth! Education is everywhere -- it's in the conversations you have with friends over dinner, it's what happens when you hear someone's story for the first time, it's exploring an unfamiliar building on campus, it's driving around Carbondale, it's talking about an idea with your roommate as you drift off to sleep. Education is joy. It doesn't just happen in class. It happens all around you!

SIU has a proud tradition of excellence. We are among the best and brightest... and that includes YOU! Feel free to contact me and to use your UNIV Courses Instructor as a guide on your journey. I invite you to experience the best that life/education at Southern has to offer! 

Nick Weshinskey, M.S.Ed., NCC

Nick's message is also page 9 of your UNIV Courses: Saluki Success workbook. Check it out!

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