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What Salukis are Saying

UNIV 101: Saluki Success is changing the first-year experience for the better! Whether we're dreaming about the future, exploring Saluki history, or building our academic skills, you're sure to enjoy this class. Here's what students are saying about their time in UNIV 101...

"Always the best class of my day"

"UNIV 101 helped me find my role at SIU and helped me find the direction I want to go in my future (I changed my major in week 4). It was a class I could go to a feel a little at home" 

"UNIV 101 is what everybody needs to transition into college" 
"This was by far my favorite class. It really helped me better adjust to life at SIU"

"UNIV 101 was my favorite class freshman year. I learned so much about SIU and about myself. It has given me many essential tools to be successful my whole life"

"UNIV 101 isn't like any other class. You could walk in here and actually connect with everyone else. Just coming in here makes you less stressed out from your other classes"

"I really loved coming to this course. It was the highlight of my day and I always knew I would have fun..."

"[in UNIV 101] a group of strangers turned into a group of family members"

"UNIV 101 helps new students adjust to college. I have learned a lot about myself and SIU history in this class. I would've felt lost without UNIV 101"